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October 12, 2016

Aviation Industry Will Need More Graduates

An article in the Anchorage Dispatch News describes the looming pilot shortage facing not only Alaska, but all of the United States. Not only will their be job available, but the potential to earn a high wage in piloting is strong as well. The Alaska Department of Labor reports that the average wage for commercial pilots in 2015 was $78,000, and the average wage for Airline pilots and co-pilots was $127,000.

Students can earn their AAS in professional piloting through the Aviation Division of the University of Alaska Anchorage in as little as two to three years. Both ground and airborne flight training are provided utilizing FAA approved curricula. UAA has fully-equipped flight training airplanes, advanced aircrew training devices (AATD) and a level B flight simulator to enhance the educational experience of the students.

The FAA has authorized UAA to certify its professional piloting graduates as eligible for an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with reduced aeronautical experience. Financial aid and scholarships are available for those who qualify.

Want to keep your feet on the ground and still be part of this exciting and growing industry? The division also offers degrees in Aviation Maintenance Technology, Air Traffic Control, and a bachelor's degree in Aviation Administration.   Contact the Aviation Advisor at 907-786-7250 to learn more.